• Niraj Jawanjal
    "Nandini is a good friend, confidante and colleague to work with. At L'Affaire India, she worked for campaigning for some of our major events across Maharashtra via the Social Media, which helped us in getting more recognition and applause. Her specialties include impeccable people skills and seamlessly connecting with people from various industries. Needless to say, HR skills combined with creative writing and marketing skills make her a talented individual to work with. I recommend her highly. Warm Regards, Niraj Jawanjal L'Affaire India Media & Productions
    Niraj Jawanjal
    Founder & Ideator at India Intimate Fashion Week ( #IIFWIndia )
  • Adedayo (Ikudaisi) Charis
    Nandini has been working on some key assignments for Transitkonect and Byandbytech in Social Media & Human Resources for past few months. She has delivered well beyond expectations and continues to do so. She is great to communicate with, gels well with other team members & is very professional and knowledgeable in her subject matter. I recommend her highly & look forward to a long-term relationship with Talent Canvas.
    Adedayo (Ikudaisi) Charis
    Engracee/Entrepreneur ☛ iKON Tracker
  • Omer Moeen Qureshi
    Whenever I was in need for help, Miss Nandini was one of the few who delivered when she promised. She always went the extra mile in order to propperly select the best available resources as efficiently as possible. Whenever anyone needed resources, Miss Nandini is my prime recommendation.
    Omer Moeen Qureshi
    Project Manager- AMEA Zone at Sidel