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Reasons Why YouTube is Still The Trending Video Platform


A platform was started in 2005 by three former PayPal employees to solve the problem of sharing video taken at a dinner party with their friends. Strange now we think, but what an ordinary problem now was a pretty big deal at that time. At present we think if you want to share a video whatsapp it or share it on ‘n’ numbers of platform. But they thought extraordinarily at that era and created a website which has become an essential part of Marketing which is known as YouTube.   

“An idea can change the world”, and YouTube has changed the world for better giving a common platform to the world to share their videos with a bigger customer pool.

Let’s together review the advantage of YouTube and see how it has become an essential part of our Era

  • Want to watch a video, just YouTube it

In the world of YouTube has taught us sharing is not caring but also sharing is money. YouTube being one and only platform to reaches widely and allow its excess without logging in it.  As of February 2017, there were more than 400 hours of content uploaded to YouTube each minute. So you can explore as much as want and there will always be a new video waiting for you.

  • Where these video come from?

Difficult question with an easy answer, the users and easily login through there goggle or we should better say it Gmail account in YouTube and there you go make your own channel and upload your videos and “go viral” in this era of social media. Statically talking there are ‘one billion’ active YouTube channels.  

  • What is the content of these video?

Content you say, from cats videos to movie promotion, from how to cook to latest fashion updates. From comedy to study material, whatever you want just YouTube it. Learning has become easier with YouTube. Not only learning your school syllabus but also learning a new hobby. You want to learn an instrument or cooking or dance or anything just YouTube it and ‘n’ numbers of videos are available. It’s as easy as it sounds.

  • Can you earn money from It?

Yes of course   you can earn money from YouTube videos but there are certain criteria that you need to follow

  • You need to build an audience and share video constantly.
  • Apply to join the YouTube Partner Program or YPP which lets creators monetize their video on YouTube
  • To qualify for YPP, eligibility is
  • Be in good standing with YouTube
  • 4,000 watch hours in previous 12 months
  • Have at least 1,000 subscriber

So if you have talent then YouTube is the easy and right way to showcase it. Don’t want just start your own channel an earn money.

  • How to turn your talent into profession?

YouTube is the simple answer to the above question. Don’t you think so? I do and let me tell you about it. For instances let’s say you love to dance but do not have a platform or stage or space to perform or teach. So just start your YouTube channel in your room with a smart phone. Make a video of your dance and upload it. If you have talent the video won’t get unnoticed for sure.

Therefore, don’t think twice if you have talent then go for it make YouTube your platform of talent and let people know about it. Your talent will be recognized and it is the perfect platform.

  • An easy way to advertise/promote your work

Most people don’t know that it is one of the best platform to advertise. The marketing of your upcoming movies to the marketing of your new songs is easier through YouTube. So just keep on promoting your videos and let it reach a large audience.

  • Not only for entertainment

The videos are not only for entertainment but there is all type of videos. Videos which inspire us, motivate us, educate us, and what not.  YouTube provides a large pool of videos related to almost every topic that comes to your mind. All you need is to search it.

  • Educational

Learning and understanding the difficult concept in any language has become easier. Any topic which you don’t understand in class or any word u cannot pronouns you can easily learn it via YouTube. Going to another country, language barrier can be easily overcome through learning basic language through it. From learning history about your world to learning difficult concepts of science everything is easier with YouTube.

  • Connects

Like any other social media YouTube also provide a way to connect. It provides a platform to share the videos send message to your friends and many more things.

It has many features one of them is going live. The movie stars use this features to interact with their fans at the time of promoting a movie or any product launch. So your fan moment can happen on YouTube.

So if you are thinking for a platform which provides you with ‘n’ number of choices then what are you waiting for just download YouTube. Enter in the virtual world of videos and learn from it.

Have talent and don’t have platform just open a YouTube channel then fly high with your wings open and let your talent speak to the world. Don’t wait just forecast your talent and make your talent or hobby into profession through it.

Be curious and learn about the world. Don’t wait for an inspiration just start working and you will figure your way out.

Dolly Mrigwani
Dolly Mrigwani
A content writer and a wannabe poet from the city of shayars. With a vision to change the world with her words. An engineer trying to enter and let the world and see through her words.