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Looking for someone to write a book or poetry for you? If yes, simply hire our creative writers for a wholesome experience.

Creative writing : Imagination without boundaries

“If my imagination had wings, I would be flying by now”. Going by this idiom, hiring a creative writer with us should be the ideal choice for you to see your book writing dreams come true.
Services start from 10$/page and everything from writing till editing is taken care of.
We deliver a 50,000 word Novel, Fiction Book or Self-help and motivational books within 50 days’ time.

Poetry writing for the soul

Are you a poet looking for literary support? From complex subjects to simple ones, our writers can do a great job for you.
We can also support you in designing your Book cover, Book images and in writing book proposals to publishers.
We can communicate on your behalf with literary agents and help your dreams of becoming an author come true.

Creative writing services using latest literary devices

Alliteration, Regression, Allusion, Diction, Epigraph, Euphemism, Foreshadowing, Imagery, Metaphors, Similes…you name them and we will help you writing a book based on the subject of your desire and expertise.
You will own the full copyright of the book once the service is complete.

Ghostwriting for business books as well as Fiction books

Planning to write a self-help book on Management or something like, Book writing for dummies? We can help you choosing competitive titles as well as in drafting the content strategically for best sales.
As for Fiction, there are no bounds and with our creative writers, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Self-help book writing, e-books, Amazon, Kindle Book writing

Already have a book and require editing services? Outsource the job to us! We will not just help you with book editing and proofreading but will also help you host your books on the most competitive platforms on the web.

Short story writing for a global audience

Short stories tell a lot. A few words told with firmness and clarity can make a whole lot of difference than a full Novel without depth. We hire the best freelance short story writers from across the globe for helping you finish your book.

British, Australian and American Literary styles

Any part of the world you may belong to, when it comes to writing books in English, we make sure to hire writers with expertise in your style of diction to complete your task.

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