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February 14, 2019
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Seven Ways to Market Effectively using Pinterest

                It’s safe to say that almost all of us are guilty of searching for our phones in bed as we slowly wake up from our slumber. Once in hand, we are quick to scroll through our feeds of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other forms of social media. Through the many posts we come across, it is not uncommon to see ads relating to a product or a service offered. Many businesses set up business accounts in order to sell their product. Online shopping agents such as Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart commonly promote their sales or products via social media pages to increase awareness and buys. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the mediums through which most businesses set up an account to get people to like, subscribe, and follow them on to get updates on their business…but what about Pinterest?

                Before proceeding with this article, it is important to comprehend the key features of Pinterest:

  • Boards – a board in the Pinterest environment is one where a series of pins with a common theme are placed into. These themes could be either food, weddings, shoes, sports and so on.
  • Pins – as Pinterest is highly visual, pins are the images which have been linked/uploaded and undergo a process called ‘repinning’ every time someone else saves it to their board.
  • Followers – on Pinterest, a user has the option to follow either an individual board of their interest or to follow a series of the persons boards. As your follower’s pin, it will be updated on your Pinterest feed.

                Pinterest is the underestimated channel to a successful business. This is a form of social media which angles away from the personal lives of people and gives a wide variety of information through graphic visuals and short videos. People on Pinterest are known for planning (or ‘Pinning’) out events such as small outdoor barbecues to large scale weddings. Topics can easily be categorized into one board and referred back to as needed. What once used to be just for personal productivity, has now flourished into the field of Pinterest marketing through Pinterest Business accounts. The content presented on each individuals feed is customized according to their recent pins or searches. A significant advantage found with Pinterest is that it takes away from the personal promotion aspect and leans towards getting users to be active and implement what they see on the site.

                Ben Silbermann, the CEO of Pinterest even said that his motive for creating the app was to get people to “go out and do that thing”. Pinterest is an alternative to large cookbooks, interior catalogues, fashion magazines, and more. Build your own catalogues with things of your taste by creating your own board.

                Although this concept may sound fairly new to you, Pinterest marketing has been utilized to its full potential by familiar business such as BirchBox, Scholastic, Whole Foods, Home Depot, Urban Barn, and Aldo Shoes. BirchBox allows Pinners to view their new products and updates their page with unboxing videos as well as makeup tricks from professionals. Aldo Shoes continuously keeps its followers updated on the latest products with eye-catching images to give fashion matches. Businesses have noticed Pinterest to be a hot ticket as it has shown 50% success in increasing sales. Customers also claimed to have come across a new product after it showed up on their Pinterest feed. So whatever misconception you may have that Pinterest is only for those interested in lifestyle, cooking, or DIY – consider yourself wrong!

  • Create a Pinterest Business Account.

First and foremost, if you don’t have a Pinterest Business account, go ahead and create one! Or, if you have a basic user account, upgrade to a business account at no cost at all. Ensure that you have chosen the category which suits your business the best. For example, public figure, professional, brand, media, local business are some of the categories from which you will have to classify your business. By classifying, you will narrow down your reach and get more specific views based on keywords/hashtags attached to your images and searches. Update your information thoroughly and add links to your site so that people who come across your Pinterest page can also check out your site. A strong summary is mandatory. This is the feature which makes pinners follow you by one read. The summary need not be paragraphs long, rather a short, concise, and appealing sentence or two relating to your business.

  • Pin your Site/Blogs Links

It is not necessary that you commercialize a product through Pinterest. If your business thrives as a blog or website, you can pin links of it with relative images to Pinterest. Search rankings also grow by doing such as you have placed your site on another platform for many to discover and explore. The Pins become interactive in such a way that the click takes them immediately to your site. As more and more Pinners re-pin the Pin, the amount of views and likes for your site simultaneously grows exponentially. By placing one of the iconic thumbtacks on your site, viewers can pin posts to their own boards and look back on it later when they need. After confirming your site on Pinterest, you can see who pins your blog/site to their boards. Successful bloggers on Pinterest can be seen pinning their latest posts with an image (hyperlinked with your post) to Pinterest. Using Pinterest to gain more traffic to your blog is also a common tactic used amongst bloggers as once its been pinned, it will be repined endlessly.

  • Use Attractive Visuals

Add lots of visuals! And this is not to be taken lightly. Pinterest is the means of social media which relies heavily on our visual senses to gain traction. Pins are found only in the form of images, GIFS, or videos. If you plan on posting videos, keep them short, Pinterest users are known to just run miles down their feed till they see something which grabs their attention. Adding a layer of text to the image or video also lets the user decide whether or not they want to pin it to their board. Many avid pinners are known to categorize their pins based on color – yellow pins in one board, blue pins in another, and so on. If promoting a scarf for the winter, don’t just drop in an image of a scarf against a plain background, instead, showcase it in such a way that it is worn. Infographics, bright/sharp images, and good quality images are your factors to getting noticed on the Pinterest network.

  • Connect with Other Pinners

A key aspect of expanding your business is through engaging with and forming relationships with other pinners. It is almost underestimated how much traffic this technique will lure in for you! As you continue to follow more and more businesses, you are likely to get them to follow you back as well. Similarly, as you gain followers, it is important to be interactive with them – if they post a comment, reply! One of the overlooked features on Pinterest is the ‘Open Board’ system where you can add other pinners to contribute to a certain board. This is useful in a business site as it allows for various employees and co-related businesses to pin ideas onto a board. If all goes well, you may even get some industrial experts to give their inputs to your boards. A research conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Pinterest team found that the number of boards, pins, and followers all affect the amount of traffic you get. Check into your account at least once a day and dedicate time only to pinning activities.

  • Link to other Social Network Pages

Instead of starting from scratch on your list of subscribers, get a jump start by connecting with subscribers/followers on your other social network sites. Pinterest allows for linking to Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. Not only will you have followers right off the bat but you will also have your page and its content being found across various platforms. As social media is all the hype, it is one of the best ways to get information out there. Each social media platform coming with its own mobile application allows for users to find out about your business and make purchases with just one touch. Promote your Pinterest page through other platforms too. Place links of your Pinterest account on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter.

  • Pin to your Hearts Content!

After everything has been set up, you are well on your way to optimize your business through Pinterest. But it is crucial to squeeze in at least five to thirty pins on a daily basis to let your followers know that you are freshly adding new content. Being active, regularly following, commenting, pinning, and creatively presenting your business are ways to show your enthusiasm as a Pinner. Add hashtags to your pins’ description box to get them trending. By increasing the number of pins per day through your business account, you also get the most out of search engine optimization. While sliding through your Pinterest feed you may come across pins with price tags in the description section – these are rich pins. Rich pins are normal pins with the added ability to take you to the products page and make a purchase. The prices are updated live based on the home site and if you’ve promoted yourself well on Pinterest, you can add the ‘add to bag’ button.

  • Get Statistical with Pinterest Analytics

What’s better than having an in-built tool which gives you up-to-date information on the most popular board/pin on your page, pin button referrals, and the demographics of your pinners? With a business account, Pinterest allows you to have easy access to these details which can help you enhance your goals by knowing what to improve. You will be given insight on pins which are saved the most as well as those which show up first in a search. Once the Pin It button is placed on your site, Pinterest Analytics will keep you informed on how many people are pinning from your site to their respective Pinterest boards. Data is presented in the form of visual graphs with quantitative data assessments. By assessing your Pinterest views, strengths, and referrals, it becomes easier to move with the positives while cutting out what is not needed.

              Using the seven points mentioned above, you should be well on your way to a happy Pinning journey. Now that you know more about this hidden form of marketing, implement it in your business and watch it flourish. Continue to build connections and keep pinning! Pinterest is a readily available marketing tool waiting to be maxed out in terms of its capabilities so do not let it go to waste.

Ashley Devaprasad
Ashley Devaprasad
An aspiring writer who seeks to create an impact through writing.