How to create a Blog and earn $1000 per month from home
How to create a Blog and earn $1000 per month from home
June 26, 2016
10 Traits Of Writers Who Earn Positive Reputation and Better Salary
May 2, 2017
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earn from home writing articles

Article Writing is one of the best work form home businesses today. There are bloggers, authors, ghost writers and technical writers earning millions of $ sitting at home! However, instead of just writing for a client, there are also ways one could make money online by writing simple blogs and advertising other people’s products and services.

Here are a few tips to earn good money writing articles:

  1. Choose a Niche: You could choose anything from Weight Loss to NLP and start a blog. You could then contact business owners in the same field and advertise their products.
  2. Choose attractive headlines: People read what they find value in, so make sure whatever you write provides true value to readers.
  3. Choose useful content to share: There is plenty of stuff about every subject on the web, make sure you select the best content and share only that which serves a purpose for readers.
  4. Share your content on social media platforms: Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. have great scope of getting you readers and followers. Use it.
  5. Create Videos and share them: YouTube and Daily Motion are two great places to upload your customized videos. You could simply create slideshows and upload them there.
  6. Create backlinks for your blogs: By creating backlinks, i.e., asking other blog owners to publish your post as guest post or your links on their websites, you could score far better on search engines.
  7. Use Keywords in articles: Using Google’s Keyword Research tool, look for keywords that rank high on search engines and that are easy to find. Use these keywords in your article so that more people read and benefit out of the article.
  8. Use relevant information and share other people’s links: Just like how you requested somebody else to put up your backlinks, you also must put up other website links in your articles so that there is a win-win situation.

Best just writing articles and earning money, you could also market your products and services using article marketing and giving away freebies, e-books.

You could even host contests on your Facebook Page etc. and win new readers and customers for your products.

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