How to make money using content marketing
How to make money for your business using content marketing
June 24, 2016
earn from home writing articles
How to earn $1000+ per month writing articles
June 26, 2016
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How to create a Blog and earn $1000 per month from home

How to create a Blog and earn $1000 per month from home

A Blog is a precious asset if it earns you money! It is not mere words but money in a straightforward way!

By creating a blog one can display products, write reviews and earn as much as $1000 every month.

There are lot of people who are doing it!

Let us see how!

  1. They sell physical products via their blog. By merely talking about it and explaining its utility, they are earning money.
  2. They are selling Services. For instance, if you are a photographer and you write regularly about it, people will buy your services for sure.
  3. They are writing product reviews for Amazon products and earning commissions. There are quite many products that one could review.
  4. They are writing about their passion and earning via Google Ads. This is the topmost method to earn online easily.

Therefore, you need a blog! and for that, here is what you need:

  1. Domain name that’s related to your product or service.
  2. Web Hosting Site.

Here’s how you can buy both. It is as simple as it sounds. Bookmark this page for all future buys and refer your friends also. Let everybody benefit with this post. This could simply be their first and the most breakthrough step, which could help them earn $$ every month!

1) Click THIS LINK just once
Kindly do not close and keep opening again and again.
2) Click Get Started Now
3) Search domains, I have checked, top preferred extensions are .com, .biz, .net and .org depending on the nature of your business.
4) Choose your term. Choosing 3 years is the best and cheap. Otherwise you can choose 1 year or 2 years.
5) Uncheck all additional products and check out. You could choose Domain Privacy if required.
6) Next fill your credit card details.
Thus, in 6 simple steps, you could kickstart your own blog and start making money! There is tons to learn and earn on the internet, it is all about how much interest we show and dilligence that we apply in creating and selling products and services!
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