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January 3, 2019
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3 Best Ways to Make Money with a Book and a Bird

3 best ways to make money with a book and bird

The hugely popular Blue and white themed social media apps Facebook and Twitter have over a billion users individually ,which makes a tremendous impact on this world . Apart from connecting with family and friends , and looking at memes or which celeb is dating who?, these apps can actually help you do some productive work say,… making money. Yes , maybe all those countless hours spent on social media may be useful after all. Here are 5 simple ways to get the cash flow started.

1) 22Social

Are you a huge BTS or One Direction fan?, need to promote your college event to get more sponsors? or to promote anything for that matter on social media , 22Social is the place to get started. it hepls promote your content and increase the impact factor by a can utilize thier different services to find the method best suited to your needs. its is available as a mobile app as well. all you need is a facebook profile, and a bank account to start making money fast and effecively.

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2)Sell products :

This is one of the mots popular ways to make money on facebook and twitter and other social media platforms. post links of your products on the bio post atleast twice a day , give discounts for exapmle ranging from10% to 30% , interact with customers with a polite tone. you can even include paid links like Amazon, etc. this option is bit ambiguous but once you get the knack its very rewarding. the trick is to understand your target auidiance and post content to keep them engaged.

make sure your followers notice you

3) Get Likes and retweets :

The swedih start up “Flattr” is like an online tip jar servie which helps you make money from the amount of likes and retweets you get for a post . it is also available for other social media apps like instagram , Vimeo. Posts such as memes and funny videos can benefit a great deal form this web service.

Rajita Rhaphaela
Rajita Rhaphaela
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