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January 17, 2019
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5 Ways to sell more using Google+

Google+ is a mystery. Some people call it Facebook killer while others call it a digital wasteland. The truth lies in the middle. Not many businesses are taking advantage of this platform for social selling. If you are looking forward to sell more products, Google+ is the way.

If you do not have a Google+ account, it’s time set up. Having a Gmail account, you already have a Google+ account. Setting up a business page is quite easy once you have a Google+ account.

Here’s how you can sell more using Google+.

1. Post Often

You need fresh, relevant content to attract new customers. There are more than 300 million active users on Google+. Give them what they want and you page will attract more customers.

People don’t often open links. It is better to post some photos or info-graphics that relate to your company. Post at least once a day.

2. Use your About page effectively

Your about page not only tells the world about your company, it also helps in marketing. In this section you can link back to relevant pages from your company website. This will make it easy for prospects to visit your site.

Put relevant keywords from your business in your about page. Your page will come up when the prospects search for those terms.

3. Google+ Events

The Events feature allows you to send out custom invitation to anyone, even if they do not have a Google+ account. Use this Events feature to let people know about a sale you are having, or an industry function. You can invite people to a free webinar that your company is hosting. There are unlimited options.

4. Google+ Hangouts

You can chat with others and share documents and other files instantly using Hangouts. It can be used for Q&A session with customers and prospects and address any concerns about your products or service.

It can also be used to create a free webinar and position your company as a leader in the industry.

5. Search And Engage

Like any other social platform, your success will depend on how well you engage with people who are interested in your product. You can search for keywords and then join in the conversations that are relevant to your industry.

Don’t just intrude and start pitching the benefits of your products or services. Offer them information and advice. Answer questions. Become part of the community. The more you give the more you will get in return.

By using the above tips, it will be easier to improve sales than you expected.

Nimish Deshpande
Nimish Deshpande
Pursuing Civil Engineering from SRM institute of Science and Technology. Want to make a difference to people around me and the world in general.