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12 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Sales Immediately

In this era of mass start-ups, as competition becomes more and more fierce people are often seen turning towards new means of marketing. Earlier people used to opt for telemarketing which had a competitive edge over the existing trivial means of advertisement. But as people have started to divert more and more of their time towards social media and other internet platforms, the trend of sales and marketing is seen tilting more and more towards social media.

  • Low Capital Investment 
    Facebook with its immense pool of users has become the new platform for the companies to showcase and present their products. These can reach a large group of people in a short span of time. These days we can clearly see the growing number of commercial pages on social media platforms. Companies can opt for a basic advertisement which is free of cost or boosts their advertisement attempts even further using paid advertisement option of social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Ease of starting social media marketing
    Commercial marketing is a difficult task which requires individuals qualified in different fields, however social media networking has made it easier to advertise the products effortlessly. Social media marketing doesn’t require large manpower or huge capital investment. A smartphone, tablet or laptop is all you require to tap into the vast field of social media marketing by setting up a Facebook page you can easily link your website and other business platforms on one single page. A person does not require immense knowledge of computers in order to use social media marketing. Live updates about the product can be given on the page which enables the customers to stay connected with the retailer.
  • Boost in Sales
    The ever-increasing market of internet and growing pool of social media users have provided the perfect opportunity for social media marketing to grow and develop. Earlier the difficulty of accessing internet made it impossible for social media marketing to take hold. A study on social media marketing has shown an overall increase of 70% in sales for a company. It also enables commerce with countries where the company is not yet set up.
  • Ease of promoting products
    On an average, 500 million people watch videos of Facebook every day. People come across different advertisement while watching these videos. Social media marketing can also be used by celebrities to promote products on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter handles. Since these celebrities have a large following the product promotion can reach a large pool of people instantly. A person can easily order a product from social media or view the products from the comfort of his home or the busy life of an office. It also provides an easy way for the customers to interact with the company directly without waiting or involvement of a third party.
  • Diversity in ordering
    The customer can view the same product sold by different companies and then opt for the best option. A customer can also read the reviews of people who have previously owned or used the product. Same product coming from a different vendor can have varying quality. Thus, social media also provides a platform for the customers to interact with each other and help in choosing the best vendor for a product.
  • Individual skill promotion
    Social media not only enables us to promote products but also individual talent, skills and craftsmanship. Musicians, craftsman etc can easily show their skills on social media and attract many people towards them resulting in increased fame and recognition. Even the field of Art and Culture has gotten a boost in their reputation using social media networking as a marketing platform. As jobs become more and more talent based showcasing their talent has never been of more significance.
  • No involvement of any third-party
    Another new aspect of social media marketing is “going live” platform which helps people connect and interact with each other in real time and have discussions and convey their opinions. Small businesses have also grown exponentially with the help of social media marketing. Such businesses can’t use the mass marketing mediums such as advertising on televisions, newspapers etc. Thus, social media becomes the most viable option for them.
  • Statistics and Analysis
    A Social Media Marketing report developed in 2017 shows that 62% of marketers prefer Facebook as a social media channel and the same report shows that 72% of B2C businesses and 42% of B2B businesses name Facebook as their top social media advertising channel. Over 5 million businesses are using Facebook ads platform to reach their target audience as of 2018.
  • New emerging ways of shopping
    Customers can also be observed doing what can be termed as an “Online window shopping” where they often stumble upon an interesting product while going through their social media feed.
    Facebook, Twitter has provided a platform for sales of individual talent, it has uplifted the marketing and sales level.
  • Video Advertisement
    The marketing and sales people are coming up with new ideas to attract large customers. One of the ideas is interactive videos on social media. The sales of a product through video, helping people to know about the different ways in which the product can use the product and enhances the sales which will be beneficial for the customer has attracted a huge amount of customers. While watching any video on facebook or twitter customer often comes across adds in between which helps them in releasing the need of the product and attract them towards the product.
  • Emerging trends on social media
    Social media has started a new trend of hashtags which helps the post to reach large crowd who are searching them. These hashtags reach more and more crowd. As hashtags are becoming so trendy, a customer often use the hashtags in their post which in turn attracts even large group of people and large customer calls for larger sales of the project
    For the sales of the entertainment industry for their artistic work. People have started the hashtags for new challenges which have resulted in even a large crowd to participate in those challenges. A large crowd are attracted towards those challenges and has increased the sales of the product and craftsmanship. no one is unaware of the kiki challenge and the crowd which was attracted for this challenge. it has helped the sale of famous rapper Drake song more.
  • Unbiased platform for small and big businesses
    Social Media generation has given a platform for the development of new business. Sales now don’t require a large capital for marketing, therefore has open gates for many new ideas and many new businesses. It provides a common platform for both small time business and well-developed business providing them with a huge boost.
  • Eco-friendly Marketing
    Marketing and sales required a large amount of paper usage in the form of pamphlets, big hoarding, banners, and many more things which is very harmful to the environment. But with the enhancement of social media, sales and marketing are becoming more and greener day by day. Social media has reduced the number of paper used for advertisement and increases the number of customers. Sales through social media have helped in creating an eco-friendly environment and has engaged the customer towards the same goal towards an eco-friendly world.
  • Small time businesses
    Home-based businesses are also gaining huge benefits from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Such businesses usually suffer a lot in developing their businesses and increasing the number of customers. Facebook and Twitter provide an ideal platform to such businesses in order to boost their business and grow their sales. Traditionally made products are also gaining huge popularity which results in an increase in their sales and value due to social media marketing.


Even though there are vast options for marketing and advertisement, social networking is an ever growing and emerging fields which keeps on gaining more and more importance and attention from business companies. it has proved to be an excellent option for newly set up businesses and helped the small time business owner in increasing his business and the recognition of his work or talent. It also helps small-time businesses in competing with big businesses on the same footing without any influence of money or power.

The ever-evolving field of social media can always help businesses in coming up with new and innovative ideas to promote their businesses or products. There was no way for an individual to show his talent or skill as it is not a materialistic thing but social media has provided a platform to such individuals to show the world their expertise in different fields. It also helps the customer in recognizing good and bad vendors and in turn enables customers to buy products with which they are satisfied with. Now the customer can shape up the market using the option of feedback and thus encouraging the vendors into selling quality products and providing good after selling services and support.

Today the society is entirely dependent upon social media, from registrations to updates to final news, everything is circulated via the social media. In this century the social media holds the power to build or destroy anything or anyone right from scratch or ashes. From kids to grownups everyone knows their way around the social media, and people are so much addicted to it that they have made it a major source of everything in today’s world. People have started reviewing products or companies online which help other people decide whether they wanna avail the services of certain companies or not and this is for the better because if someone liked something or hated it, they share their genuine experience and avoids other people from having or facing any trouble. This way the society is helping each other build a place where they can all co-depend on each other and rely on each other’s reviews.

There is a new trend of influencers, these are the people who are highly in demand or very popular over social media, this is because they are loved by the public in general maybe for their social media posts or their stories. These people have the power to build the image of a product or entirely destroy it because the general public trusts their decision if they spread a good word about the product, it will flourish in the market but if they say that it didn’t suit them or that it is overpriced or any other thing the image of the product will be destroyed in the eyes of the public. So all in all in today’s world the common public has a lot to contribute to the building or trashing of the image of a product or an upcoming business. Thus social media influence the sales and marketing of any business, small or big immensely.

So all in all in today’s world the common public has a lot to contribute to the building or trashing of the image of a product or an upcoming business. Thus social media influence the sales and marketing of any business, small or big immensely.

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