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10 Traits Of Writers Who Earn Positive Reputation and Better Salary

With the changing outlook of Publishing Companies, Chief Editors and Content Marketers, the rules of writing for making money that were applicable a decade back are no longer existing.

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Writers who are successful include marketing hand-in-hand. Especially writers in English from Asian countries swear by this method.

The literary devices are targeted at readers not just to evoke emotions and sympathy but to also inform them and give them a clear message that “adds value” to their livelihood.

While reading Fiction still remains people’s favorite, self-help books, spiritual books and educational books are doing equally well. The lines and limits have converged to such an extent that whatever helps the readers by making their lives better sells better than what makes them think deeper.

It feels that the soul has taken a back seat and the mind stands at the forefront. “New Ideas” sell faster than complex language and genuine experiences.

Here are possibly a few reasons why “Ideas” always do well with people as compared to descriptions of “complex human emotions and experiences”:

Ideas help the mind think creatively. Nobody likes the same monotonous emotions playing back and forth.

Ideas provide solutions to problems while writings that evoke emotions focus merely on problems and on their elaboration.

Ideas are self-renewing. The same idea may be imagined, projected and interpreted in many different ways while emotions are simply what they are. Sad is sad, happy is happy, jealous is jealous et al. If there is something in between, that is called confusion.

Ideas can be created anew thanks to the endless gifts of Mother Nature. Emotions can only be managed and changed from one to another and back and forth. Emotions tend to follow the Newton’s laws, they can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be changed or transferred from one to another.

Ideas can be transformed to achieve business results whereas emotions can only be expressed in creative ways and are restricted to a few industries such as Film Making et al. These are industries that thrive on political support and agenda and not everybody may have access to the best of leaders in the field at all times.

Well, so are emotions a waste of time then? Not really.

Let me contradict that it is only emotional writing that sells! What does not touch the soul of the reader does not sell, however novel and fresh the idea may be. The secret therefore is to strike a balance between ideas and emotions and continuously prepping it up with people, situations and props.

Here are top 10 traits of successful writers that destine them for earning a better reputation and therefore, better salaries.

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