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LinkedIn Profile Writing and SEO

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services at affordable pricing

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LinkedIn Article Writing Service

Get 100% professional articles written for your LinkedIn Blog
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Certified Google and Bing Ads Professionals

We have the latest certifications from Google Ads and Bing Ads and guarantee top rankings when our services are purchased.
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Qualified Facebook Ads Professionals

We have more than 7 years experience managing and running Facebook Ads effectively. Buy our services to know more!
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Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO and HR Service professionals

Welcome to, a portal belonging to Talent Canvas, a HR service provider, content marketing, SEO, SEM and digital marketing agency based in Chennai, India.

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Have you been struggling to rank your business website or individual website on Google Page 1?
Fair enough you have landed at the right place!

What are our content marketing services

To provide you a quick brief, this is what we do for your website, we:

  • Write SEO content with strong strategic planning to rank you high on Google, Bing and Yahoo Searches.
  • Use trending content marketing strategy that is fresh and novel and relevant to your busines.
  • Use content marketing examples, articles, graphics, videos, blogs and vlogs that rank you on top of searches.
  • Utilize the latest types of content marketing strategies and the best types of digital content that escalate your rankings to top.

What sets our SEO content writing services apart?

We do not do run of the mill writing that just clubs together a set of ideas and images together without a defined purpose.
We in turn follow elaborate steps to:

  • Research, analyze and draft SEO content keywords that are high paying and high converting.
  • Perform SEO content writing suitable for all social media sharing and broadcasting.
  • Write SEO articles for blogs that are tailored to impress readers.
  • Share SEO content relevant to your niche to all our digital platforms for quick exposure and organic traffic.
  • Use guest posting as a methodology to spread the word about your business.
  • Modify professionally written website content and align it with SEO strategy used throughout.

Last but not the least, we manage blogs with a 360 degree approach guaranteed to help you rank higher and permanently.

Social Media Marketing Services by established Google and Bing Ad Partners

Our methodology to rank your website higher essentially hinges on content marketing strategies that rule the web.
For sure, your brand reputation goes up when you utilize content marketing examples effectively.
We do it for you at affordable pricing like none other.
Our social media service combined with SEO content writing and content submission services is guaranteed to bring you more business and higher search engine rankings.

Have an e-commerce website? Hire us for more sales

If you are an ECommerce website owner and are looking to improve sales along with SEO and rankings, we can provide you all the services you are looking for.

Besides, our guest blogging services are also guaranteed to establish you forever with the readers and other audience.

Being accredited Bing Ad and Google Ad professionals, our strategic paid advertising services across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn besides Google and Bing will not let you down, ever!

We also do ecommerce product descriptions writing to ensure your onpage SEO is perfectly accomplished.

It is well known that all E-commerce websites selling products online utilize the power of SEO writing and content marketing to rank on top.

Press Release writing and distribution services

Writing effective press releases not just improves your brand’s value and reputation across platforms but also improves brand credibility.

Our digital marketing and SEO programs are tailored to grant your brand better reputation because:

  • Our online reputation management campaigns are strategized for high returns.
  • We create Landing pages with better product descriptions and better Onpage SEO overall.
  • We draft keyword rich blogs and utilize the power of blog submission services to its highest potential.
  • We believe in the power of advertising for writing customized social media content that received organic shares.
  • We use the best content marketing strategy framework that appeals to people and audience worldwide.
  • Our press release writing service brings you 200% more exposure and sustains the ranking for a longer time period.

What kind of social media and content marketing tools we use?

There is nothing greater than the power of a pen and we surely know how to use it effectively.
Of course while we use tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Hootsuite, Onlywire and other social media tools for greater website exposure, our power in ranking you lies in how and what we write.

This includes:

  • Effective blog management by using SEO techniques that are latest.
  • Effective press release writing that guarantees higher brand reputation.
  • Guest posting services that are highly qualitative.
  • Applicable blog research that use keyword-rich social media content.
  • Writing social media content that gets you shares and likes naturally.
  • Advertising on paid platforms such as Bing, Google and Facebook effectively.
  • Providing bulk content writing services that assure you higher search engine rankings.
  • Preparing content marketing promotional tools such as tier-2 blogs, vlogs and video marketing content of top quality.
  • Promoting your site via Google Local Citations as well as other secret promotional techniques.

HR, Resume writing and LinkedIn Services

We are well known by the name of Golinked amongst jobseekers around the world.

Our proprietary LinkedIn profile writing services and Resume writing services have been endorsed by several executives and top professionals alike.

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